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No Faxing Payday Advances – They’re searching!

The movement he’d sensed earlier seemed to be coming closer. He knew now that the whispering was Vietnamese, but he still didn’t understand what they were saying. He’d been incountry only a little over a month, and the only words he’d picked up had been the few you used to talk to the girls in the GI bars in town. He tried to scan the chow hall without moving his head. He could see black clad men across the room, moving slowly between overturned tables, bending over what he suspected to be American bodies, even though he could not see them. A couple of times, when they straightened up, they plunged the barrels of their weapons toward the floor. Damn, he thought, they’ve got bayonets. And I’ve got no money thanks to those no faxing payday advances loans not coming in on time. We’re screwed.

For some reason, he’d thought the Viet Cong didn’t use weapons with bayonets. It became clear to him though that these Viet Cong were inspecting American bodies scattered about the chow hall. Maybe they’d heard somebody in the unit was carrying the payday advances to get distributed at the end of the day.

They were rifling through pockets for anything of value, cigarettes, jewelry, no faxing payday advances or other greenbacks for the black market. It also became clear that if they sensed any life in the bodies they were searching, they plunged their bayonets into them just to be sure. They weren’t interested in interrogating anyone for their no faxing payday advance money.

The rustling sounds came nearer. He narrowed his eyelids but allowed the little slit to remain. Through that slit, he saw a hand grasp Johnny Newton’s shirt and pull him over onto his back, patting him down for no faxing payday advances and the like. After a couple of minutes, the unseen Viet Cong seemed to be finished with Johnny and straightened up. He didn’t bother to use his bayonet.

No Faxing Payday Advances – This Stops! Now!

Bobby felt the hand now tugging at his shirt front, trying to roll him over onto his back. The Viet Cong rifle was right in front of his face. Bobby grabbed the rifle barrel bringing a surprised yelp from the enemy soldier. He twisted the rifle around and it came free from the Cong’s hand. Bobby was too close to the man to try to fire the weapon, so he plunged it forward and buried the bayonet in the Cong’s stomach. For the first time, he saw the enemy’s face. It was frozen in a death mask mix of surprise and pain. The body slipped to the floor and, duplicating the actions of the Viet Cong soldiers, Bobby plunged the bayonet into him one more time just to be sure.

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